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The Slater Recovery Fund aims to provide capital growth by investing mainly in UK shares. It is also intended, where appropriate, to take advantage of underwritings and placings. The fund may also invest in, but is not limited to, shares in overseas companies and cash.
SEDOL: 3155424
ISIN: GB0031554248

Key Stats - Class A

Manager: Mark Slater
Launch Date: 10/03/2003
Fund Type: Authorised Unit Trust
IA Sector: UK All Companies
Unit Type: Accumulation
Pricing: Daily
SFDR Classification: Article 8 Compliant

1.54% Ongoing Charges (OCF)
1.50% Annual Management Charges (Included in OCF)

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Our Charges

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Investment Style

The core of the Slater Recovery Fund are companies that have low price-to-earnings ratios (PE) in relation to their earnings growth and strong cash flows and financial positions. We also use a secondary recovery investment screen, looking for companies at a discount to net asset value, companies trading at a discount to cash, and turnaround situations. We focus on companies with strong balance sheets, powerful competitive positions and high returns on capital. Our investment committee examine company accounts and analysts’ forecasts. We also look for positive recent trading statements and strong director buying. ESG based investment analysis is integrated in the investment process and is used as a tool to identify potential risks that may emerge which might threaten the price earnings ratio or earnings growth prospects of a company. If we are still interested in a company following this thorough in-house research we meet senior company management. We form an opinion on them, the opportunities and risks facing the business and the visibility of earnings and margins. If all criteria has been met we will invest in a company.


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How to Invest

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