Timing the market: can it be done and is it even worth trying?

  All statements made in this article are opinions of the writer(s) and are not to be constituted as advice. Please refer to our full Risk Warning at the end of the article.   Some hedge funds brag about calling turns in the market. They place massive bets on the back of their confidence. George

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The fat and the thin of it

Source: Refinitiv Eikon   In the book of Genesis the Pharaoh of Egypt was warned by Joseph that he would enjoy seven fat years of good harvests to be followed by seven lean years. Investing’s ups and downs show similarities to the varying floods of the river Nile. In our chart we show (in dark

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Inflation – when cash turns to trash

In Pride and Prejudice Mrs Bennet exclaimed about Mr Darcy: ‘..what jewels, what carriages you will have…Ten thousand a year! Oh, Lord! What will become of me. I shall go distracted.’ If Mr Darcy turned up today armed only with £10,000 he would come with a plastic earing in one ear and jingling the keys

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Remember growth? It never goes away

PEGwatch was asked to give a view on the outlook for the UK market, more particularly for the type of shares we like to hold in Slater Growth and Slater Recovery. To discuss this it’s easier to take the UK mid-cap index as a proxy. For starters, below we  compare the growth in earnings per

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History rhymes

Inflation rages, a government imposes heavy charges on homeowners for ideological reasons, disputes rumble on with Europe, a war is in the offing and the prime minister is tottering. Sounds familiar. Actually, this all happened in 1990. Back then it was the Poll Tax which was seen as ideology gone mad; this time the panoply

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Miner Quibbles

Major Miners The Mining sector contributed 37% to the total dividends paid by the UK equity market in the last quarter*. This was more than the next five largest sectors combined. The market’s top three dividend payers, ranked by absolute pound sterling amounts handed over, were the Major Miners: Rio Tinto, BHP Group and Anglo

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After the storm: dividend-watch

Annus Horribilis 2020 was a disastrous year on many fronts. It was certainly terrible for UK dividends. The lock-down prompted firms to batten down the hatches and dividends were cut across the board. In aggregate the amount of dividend paid by UK corporates fell by 43%. There were very few hiding places. Lots of companies

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Income funds are wonderful, I tell you, wonderful!

Is investment a form of entertainment? In truth it is to some extent – a guilty extent. The thrill of the casino win, of the horse that comes first, of the lottery – these are real and the truth is that people enjoy losing. They see it as a price worth paying for the excitement

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